Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Chris McElroy aka Namecritic - Hurricane Katrina Charity Scam Exposed

Another Namecritic Charity Fraud - Disaster Victims Org

Hot on the heels of Chris McElroy aka Namecritic's admission that he paid his staffers from donations made to his missing children charity, KidSearch Network, another charity scam is found.

Disaster Victims claims to help reunite children seperated from their parents as a result of disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

Once again there is a notice stating your donations are NOT tax deductible !!!

No doubt Chris McElroy aka Namecritic will justify paying his staffers from these donations on the grounds they are disaster victims as they work for him!

It is interesting to note that the websites for Disaster Victims and KidSearch Network have been partially altered - this evening they are starting to claim that your donations are now tax deductible...seems like some quick web page amendments are being made by Namecritic aka Chris McElroy sidekick, Chuck "Porky" Crawford down in Tijuana, Mexico.

Have no fear Namecritic we have the screenshots saved and your scam is being reported to the FBI, Florida State Attorney and the Florida Better Business Bureau - the sooner you're out of business the better!

If you have donated to either of Chris McElroy aka Namecritic's charity scams you can report the fraud to the F.B.I. here

Missing Kid Charity Scam Exposed - Chris McElroy aka Namecritc

When we sat down to look at exposing Chris McElroy aka Namecritic and his colleagues we thought it would be a good way to vent our anger and frustration at the really bad (and we mean REALLY BAD!) service we had from them

It's become apparent that we are not the only ones that are upset with Chris McElroy aka Namecritic, Allen Taylor and Chuck Crawford. We thought we were the first bloggers to set out to expose Chris McElroy aka Namecritic for the fraudster he is but we weren't - we were beaten to it by Namecritic Scam over at WordPress.

We reported in our first post that KidSearch Network, a supposedly charitable organization that finds missing children and run by Chris McElroy aka Namecritic was nothing more in fact that a means to generate money from the web from the affiliated commercial sites.

The SHOCKING truth is that Chris McElroy aka Namecritic is POCKETING DONATIONS made by for Missing Kids and paying his staffers with the money!

It appears that the bloggers at Namecritic Scam have been contacted by a staffer at Namecritic who claims they are being paid out of the donations to Kidsearch Network for commercial work on Namecritic websites!

Check out the full post here and how long will it be befor Chris McElroy aka Namecritic and his missing kids charity scam are investigated by the Florida authorities?

Monday, 20 August 2007

Namecritic aka Chris McElroy - Hack or Hacked?

Namecritic Website Hijacked by Turkish Hackers
Namecritic, Inc has a number of web sites and blogs all inter-linking and giving the impression of a large, established web company.
Chris McElroy aka Namecritic and his team, headed by Idiot in Chief, Allen Taylor aka PoetWarrior have a slight issue with web security.

All those commercial clients that are allowing unfettered access to websites and blogs attached by Chris McElroy aka Namecritic, Allen Taylor and Associates really ought to reconsider the security implications.

It's interesting to note that Namecritic, Inc also provides web hosting - not for us if the security is this lax!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Chris McElroy aka Namecritic

Chris McElroy aka Namecritic is a web guru - ask him and he'll tell you.

Just put his name into google and you'll find dozens of listings for him so he looks like he knows what he's talking about.

Fooled us.

Fact is this guy is a scam artist who took our money and delivered a pile of the brown stuff.

Put namecritic in your google and the results are very impressive...until you see that all the references are to blogs and posts he and his company have been putting up themselves......hardly qualifies him as a web guru it's just blowing your own trumpet!

Seems like we ain't the only ones Chris McElroy has pissed off and we're going to bring the horror stories to you using the very media Namecritic claims he is the master of...the blog.

We'll start with a look at some of Namecritic's "philanthropic" activities such as The Kidsearch Network that "advocates" for missing children.

That sounds great - wow - what a guy!

That's what we thought to begin with.

On the donation page of their website you'll find some "success" stories seems like there was a missing kid in the neighborhood of an office Namecritic had at that time so they handed some flyers out.

Look closely though and you'll see "Donations are not tax deductible" - why not?

This is a charitable non-profit isn't it?

Nope - it's owned by ......Mr C McElroy and that's where your donations end up - in Namecritics pocket.

Look even closer and you'll see this missing kid was way back in 1999 and all they did was hand some flyers out? Seems like not very much to be asking for donations for?

So what are Chris McElroy and Namecritic, Inc up to?

What they're doing is scraping photos from law enforcement websites of missing kids and duplicating them as part of a webring to generate traffic and higher rankings for paying customers web sites who don't seem to mind making money out of someone's misery.

The idea according to Chris is to gain link popularity and achieve higher rankings for commercial paying client web sites.

Well we wouldn't want to let Namecritic aka Chris McElroy or them down here are some links to the commercial websites that are making money off missing kids and their families:











Enjoy the links guys -some missing kids are helping you get them.